• Warranty will be Provided only for the products which are sold by Worthy Ten Authorized Dealer/ Reseller/ Online Reseller.
  • The warranty is valid only for the specific device repaired and the original customer. It is not transferable across devices or if the device is sold or handed over to another individual.
  • Each Products will be provided with a warranty card. The warranty period will be differ according to the grade of the product as follows

Grade A Warranty Period Limits up to 1 Year.

Grade B Warranty Period Limits Up To 6 Months.

Grade C Warranty Period Limits Up To 3 Months.

  • The Warranty Does not cover accessories and consumables. Bag, Strap, Lens Cap, Fungus, Battery Leakage, Flash Tube, Display Vignette Etc.
  • Battery and Charger will be provided with one time replacement warranty within 7 days.
  • If the product is sold by the US is found to, be faulty or develops a fault within Warranty Period first, endeavour to repair the product. however, if we are unable to repair the product, we will offer a Replacement/Refund Provided the Fault is Covered Under Warranty. The Refund Processed Would be to current or Original Value (whichever is Lower) as per Company Policy and Condition of the item Refund
  • Warranty service valid only on WorthyTen authorized service centers. In case of delivery, shipping charges will be charged.
  • Warranty confirmation would be done through Serial Number, Tracing System either online warranty
  • Customer must provide proof of purchase including warranty card to avail the warranty of the product.
  • The extension of warranty will be provided only by Worthy Ten Recommerce (p) Ltd.
  • If the product has remaining brand warranty it will be provided with WorthyTen warranty period including the brand warranty period.
  • *Please Note: – In WorthyTen Warranty Period Repairs can take up to 30 Days. However, we always endeavour to get your Product Repaired within reasonable time frame.
  • For Brand warranty Period Repair timing will be Decided by the Brand service center only.

The Warranty Is Not Applicable Under The Following Scenarios:

  • The WorthyTen warranty does not cover physical damage, liquid damage or any damage caused by rooting jailbreaking a device. and only covers software faults arising in the course of normal use.
  • Subsequent accidental or purposeful drops
  • Dust and Fungus does not include within warranty
  • Fire, Water damage and Electrical Disturbances
  • Mishandling of camera may not cover under warranty like Keeping the battery in the camera for long time when not in use which cause vignette Display etc.
  • Tampering with internal hardware
  • Damage resulting from attempted customer self-repairs
  • Software issues unrelated to the repair
  • New damages unrelated to the original repair
  • Any loss of data occurring as a result of the repair – customers are advised to back up all data prior to the repair attempt
  • If the product is not repairable due to some technical reason and same model is not available to replace. The replacement will be provided with the update model of the closest specification and the warranty period and terms will remain same as original product.
  • Accessories and consumables like Lens, Lens cap, Strap, USB Cable and AV Cable Etc. are not covered Under Warranty.